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Monday – And So To Dinner

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So a single tin of beans (200g) and 4 slices of bread (206g) we get just over 400g, so I’m going to call it that. I had 1895g left on my allowance, after dinner that is now 1400g (1.4Kg) spare.

Better calculation tomorrow

When I first calculated my daytime rate, it was after 3 hours in which I was doing housework. Today is more like a typical sedentary day, So as I have weighed myself at the beginning of the day and then weighed everything that I have eaten it means that tomorrow morning when I weigh myself again I will be able to calculate my day time rate better. As I have 1.4Kg spare on my current plan, I think the 3Kg daily limit needs to be reduced. This I’ll know after I get weighed tomorrow morning.

My belly is full and I shouldn’t have to eat anything else tonight.

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