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Lord Stubbs & Lady Vitola

After many years of not using this domain, I have decided to use this website to showcase some of my wildlife photography. I’m actually a Food, Real Estate and Portrait photographer. Wildlife and Landscape Photography is my hobby and I’m far from an expert, Morten Hilmer is an expert and he is in Finland which is very far, far away!

I don’t really like being out of the city and sneaking up to the animals is hard for me as I’m as stealthy as a bull in a china shop. But, it does get me out and about and that is good for my health. There is much wildlife on and around my land in Scotland, including Otters, Deer (red and Roe), Badgers, Pine marting, Red squirrels, Hedgehogs, Owles, Golden Egles, Scottish Wildcats and much more. I hope to photograph some of it and post the images on this site.