Married at First Sight star Marilyse Corrigan shares idyllic snaps from luxurious honeymoon in the Lakes

Beverley’s Married at First Sight star‘s Instagram post has changed fans’ minds about their local honeymoon.

In the recent episode of Married at First Sight, couples were sent off to their honeymoons.

While one couple was sent to Dubai and another to the Maldives, Beverley’s Marilyse Corrigan and her new husband, Franky Spencer, spent their honeymoon much closer to home.

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Fans of the show were initially confused at the discrepancy in locations, one viewer even said: “Did the producers run out of money?”

However, a new Instagram post from the Yorkshire star showing off the gorgeous hotel won fans over to the idea of a local honeymoon.

The pair stayed at the Brimstone Hotel in Lake District. The personal trainer said she felt incredibly lucky staying at the luxurious countryside hotel as the couple did not have to isolate after the honeymoon, but could still enjoy sunny weather in the hills.

She said: “I have always wanted to visit the Lake District, so we were genuinely excited to go there for our honeymoon destination! We were given the most gorgeous luxurious hotel all to ourselves, with the most peaceful lakeland countryside around us. It was truly bliss.

“The weather was sunny all week too so we were lucky to be cruising around the hills with the roof down on the car. We loved it!

“Also, it meant that staying in the UK was a better option for me, I was away for a shorter period and I didn’t have to isolate so less time away from my family. So winner all round!

“Thank you for having us.”

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