‘Niche’ Primark mugs have Hull customers scratching their heads

Shoppers in Hull maybe puzzled to find Primark selling ‘100% Brummie’ mugs at its Princes Quay store.

Radio Humberside’s James Hoggarth tweeted a photograph of the rather strange display.

The new mugs may not have people in this city clamouring for one to fill with tea or coffee.

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Mr Hoggarth said: “Dear Primark, I think selling these in #Hull seems quite niche (unless I’m missing an obvious social media/influencer craze).”

Others were also puzzled as to why such mugs were being sold in Hull, although it has been suggested they might be on sale in preparation for the Commonwealth Games which will be held in the Midlands city next year.

But Mr Hoggarth’s tweet also prompted a response from Primark as well with sunglasses and wink emjois.

The store tweeted: “But who said niche is bad?”

Only time will tell whether such a niche market pays off for the store.

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