The North Water viewers blast dodgy ‘Hull accents’ and dark lighting

The North Water has attracted mixed reviews from viewers – particularly in Hull, where part of the series is set.

The show, based on the doomed voyage of a Hull whaling ship, debuted on BBC2 last night.

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But while many were captivated by the show’s dramatic cinematography, others were less keen on the five-part series.

Hullensians were amongst those to register their dissatisfaction with the show, with one viewer commenting about the actors’ Hull accents.

A view of a Hull street as portrayed in BBC drama The North Water
A view of a Hull street as portrayed in BBC drama The North Water

While several characters spoke with generic Yorkshire accents, they seemingly failed to fully capture the distinctive Hull twang that separates the city’s natives from people from other parts of the county.

One Twitter user said: “I’m watching The North Water and after 17 minutes of listening to the dialogue it’s pretty clear that no one on the production had ever heard a Hull accent.”

The show was also criticised for its bad lightning which made it difficult for viewers to see what was happening on screen. The supposed moody lighting was slammed by one viewer who said it was a “real disappointment”.

One Twitter user said: “Turn the lighting up, and the sound while you’re at it. Even Stephen Graham can’t save this.”

BBC Two dropped all five episodes of the new series at 9.30pm last night.

It is set in the 1859, during the dying days of Hull’s whaling industry.

The show stars big name stars, including Colin Farrell and Jack O’Connell, who are from Ireland and Derby respectively. It also features Hull-born actor Sir Tom Courtenay, who plays Baxter.

The show is an adaptation of Hull-born author Ian McGuire’s acclaimed novel of the same name.

It is based on a fictional Hull boat, the Volunteer, that is heading on a doomed journey to the Arctic.

It was long-listed for the prestigious Man Booker Prize in 2016 when it was also named by the New York Times as one of the top ten books of the year.

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