Married at First Sight’s Franky ‘shows true colours’ in sweary outburst at wife Marilyse

Beverley mum Marilyse Corrigan has had a heated argument with her new husband.

Monday night’s Married at First Sight sees tensions rise between the couple, who met each other for the first time on their wedding.

Franky Spencer is seen angrily swearing at his wife in the latest preview of the show.

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Beverley personal trainer Marilyse shared a clip revealing her husband telling her to “f**k off”.

Things are heating up as the reality television show enters “Yes Week”, pushing couples to new boundaries.

“Yes Week” is a concept borrowed from Married at First Sight Australia, which sees one person from each couple take complete control of all the decisions.

And it appears Franky has had enough as he swears at his new wife in preview clip for Monday night’s episode.

As the show’s narrator states “things get heated”, Marilyse is seen giving Franky a stern look, followed by him shouting the expletive at her.

One viewer on Twitter said: “Omg is this him showing his true colours?? x”

Marilyse shared how happy she is in a recent Instagram post of her wedding day

Despite the shocking clip, the mum-of-two shared a photograph of her wedding day on Monday morning – revealing how happy she is.

She wrote:: “So happy!!! Another week of [heart emoji] & drama. Who’s watching @9pm?”

How does ‘Yes Week’ work?

While we don’t know what to expect from the couples, “Yes Week” wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for the spouses on the Australian version of the show last year.

Each couple will receive a letter through their door which reads: “We hope you are settling into married life.

“For the next stage of the experiment we are setting you all a very important task that will test your adaptability in a relationship and for some of you your willingness to relinquish control.

“It’s time for ‘Yes Week’, for one of you it’s time for you to take complete control for the week you can decide on anything you’d like your spouse to do.”

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