Research shows sharing musical experiences makes families feel more connected

Families who listen to music together say it helps them form better bonds and makes them less likely to argue.

The bond is most felt by those in their 20s, with this age group also most likely to feel a connection to their parents’ musical tastes.

This feeling of connection comes from people finding out they like an artist their parents loved (44%), hearing parents’ stories whilst listening to music from former years (44%), and the shared experience of singing along to their favourite tracks (36%).

And this musical connection has clear benefits, as families say that some songs help them to open up, have honest conversations about how they’re feeling and even solve arguments.

The research was conducted by Virgin Media, ahead of Club Rewind, an inter-city connected club experience. The event and livestream will come from two ‘connected clubs’ – headlined by Pete Tong in London and Carl Cox in Glasgow. The DJs will alternate songs for a shared virtual set using Virgin Media’s service, simultaneously bringing noughties Ibiza to both venues plus those streaming from home.

Pete and Becky Tong will be a famous father-daughter duo playing at the event but may not be the only family pairing on the night, as research shows that nearly 24% of those aged 21-22 go clubbing with their parents.

Music isn’t just passed down through generations, it is handed up too, with 80% of parents saying their kids have introduced them to new music through avenues such as YouTube (41%) and TikTok (21%).

Parents say listening to their kids’ musical influences has helped them to understand their children better, see things from their point of view and relate to them in a different way.

A big part of this is live music. More than 55% of parents take their kids to concerts and 76% of parents who remember taking their kid to their first concert, said it was one of the best experiences in their life.

Ibiza legend Pete Tong said: “Since Becky was young, we have always connected over music. It’s great that she’s making a career from it now too. But before that, there have been countless occasions where we’ve introduced one another to music or artists we love, and it was just something we could enjoy together.

“I’m looking forward to her playing on the same bill as me at Virgin Media’s Club Rewind, but we’ll be watching the other acts together as music fans too”.

The genres that bring people together vary. While pop is most likely (24%), families also connect over a shared love of rock (15%), disco (11%), soul (10%) and dance (9%).

Virgin Media’s Club Rewind will be livestreamed from 10pm on Wednesday 22nd September.

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