Will Marilyse and Franky go the distance? Married At First Sight UK concludes tonight with reunion episode

Married At First Sight UK returns tonight for its final episode, the infamous reunion.

Tonight’s episode will see the couples meet up for one last time, revealing whether they stayed together after filming concluded.

And the question that remains on everyone’s lips is – Has Beverley mum Marilyse Corrigan found her happy ever after?

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The personal trainer was matched by the experts with her partner Franky Spencer, a former commando who has lived in Dubai for the past 16 years.

The pair have had a turbulent journey, with Marilyse questioning at multiple points whether the relationship was what she really wanted.

Watch: Marilyse and Franky confess they spent night apart

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This came in the wake of Franky being accused of ‘controlling’ behaviour and not having Marilyse’s best interests at heart.

It all came to a head at a dinner party when Franky told Marilyse: “When I speak, don’t speak”.

The couple’s journey improved after that, with Franky impressing Marilyse’s friends and family at the homestay part of the experiment, before dropping the bombshell that he would be willing to move back from Dubai to start a life with Marilyse in the UK.

This caused further drama, with Marilyse feeling the pressure and questioning whether she could handle such a commitment.

But, the couple bounced back again, agreeing to stay together and make a go of their relationship during the final vow renewal ceremony last week.

Marilyse told Franky: “I want you to be a part of my world.”

Marilyse and her partner, Franky
Marilyse and her partner, Franky

This sparked a fierce debate on Twitter, with many viewers saying that Marilyse had made a terrible mistake.

Tonight’s reunion episode will reveal whether or not the pair have stayed together. It is sure to be an episode full of drama and revelations as the series draws to its conclusion.

Marilyse teased the final episode on Instagram
Marilyse teased the final episode on Instagram

Married At First Sight UK has been a huge success, drawing E4’s highest ever viewing figures for an original series, with over 1 million viewers per episode.

Will Marilyse and Franky have gone their separate ways? Or will they prove the doubters wrong?

Tune in tonight to find out.

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