Cash or card? How should you pay for rides and stalls at Hull Fair 2021

Traditionally, you would head to Hull Fair with a wallet full of cash and a pocket full of change.

But during the Covid pandemic we have all got used to contactless payment to ensure we have to touch as little as possible to ensure we do not spread the virus.

We even use cards for a 50p chocolate bar these days.

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There are now questions over whether just taking your cash card to Hull Fair will be enough.

The short answer is no.

There is no doubt card payments will be more widely available than ever before and, certainly, the larger rides and established stalls will have the option to pay by card.

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But smaller rides might struggle due to practicalities. As a result, Hull Live understands most rides and stalls will accept cash. a

Take the popular Kentucky Derby stall.

It is very fast paced and the stallholder quickly goes down the line taking the pound coins before the next game starts quickly.

If people pay by card then there will be hold ups as it is processed.

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There is also an issue with mobile card machines crashing at such large events with WIFI connections jamming.

But, to avoid potentially spreading Covid, card payments where available are preferable and Hull City Council has issued advice to that effect.

All rides will accept cash however, so it is worth making sure you have some with you.

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