Hull DIY SOS shoot nearly ends in disaster thanks to falling log

Rhod Gilbert has revealed that he was almost crushed by a log while appearing on the Children In Need special of DIY SOS.

The comedian presented the special, set in Brandesburton near Hull, after Nick Knowles was dropped from the episode following his appearance in a Shreddies advert.

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Originally reported by The Sun, Rhod Gilbert, 53, revealed that he was nearly crushed by a log while presenting the programme, and branded the experience as a ‘relentless, exhausting graft.’

Discussing his time on the show, Rhod admitted he had ‘big shoes to fill’ given that Nick, 59, has been at the helm of the BBC property makeover show for 20 years.

The build is happening in Brandesburton, near Hull
The build is happening in Brandesburton, near Hull

Rhod told The Sun that while lifting heavy logs, one fell on his leg and nearly crushed him. Despite the accident, the comedian insists that he was most impacted by the stories shared by volunteers on site.

He said: “I was amazed at the number of volunteers and they were all there for a reason which I hadn’t really expected… They all had really moving stories about how they benefited from community support and wanted to put something back.

“Once you’ve been around TV for a long time you can get very cynical about it.

“But this was absolute relentless, exhausting, graft. People doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. And then staying on when we missed the deadline.”

Comedian Rhod Gilbert will be presenting the show tonight
Comedian Rhod Gilbert will be presenting the show tonight

Rhod admitted that he did not expect his time on the show to leave him so tired, but explained that in addition to presenting, he had also acted as a counsellor and labourer

On filling in for Nick Knowles during the Hull-based special, Rhod said: “I thought, “Oh, God, can I do this? He is synonymous with the show and definitely has big shoes to fill. Will I be accepted?” All you can do is try.

“When somebody’s been doing it for 20 years, he’s gonna be bl**dy good at it. You know, it takes a while to find your feet on these things. I didn’t have that. I have got one to try and do as good a job as I can.”

Nick Knowles has presented the show for over 20 years
Nick Knowles has presented the show for over 20 years

This comes in the wake of Nick Knowles allegedly being in trouble with the BBC after he appeared in a Shreddies commercial, threatening his 22-year tenure on DIY SOS.

But, despite reportedly being in breach of strict advertising rules set by the BBC, the corporation then made a U-turn on their stance.

Nick told The Sun: “I have always said that DIY SOS is more than just a presenting job for me, it’s part of me.

“It has my heart and working for the BBC for over 22 years is something I have never taken for granted.

“I will continue filming new episodes of DIY SOS over the coming months and will be back on your screens with the purple shirts next year.”

Knowles with the DIY SOS Pudsey
Knowles with the DIY SOS Pudsey

Nick played a builder in the advert – which goes against the BBC’s rule of TV talent not trading-off their on-screen personas.

You can watch the DIY SOS special tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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