Michelle Dewberry’s perfect response to ‘prince’ who slid into her Instagram messages

TV presenter Michelle Dewberry has shared an ordeal she had with a man who claimed to be a member of Royalty.

The mum-of-one, who is Hull born and proud, said she received an unusual message on Monday evening.

Most of us have experienced an unwanted direct message on our social media pages – and now the 42-year-old has come up with the ultimate solution.

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She responded sarcastically to a man who claimed he is the Prince of Dubai.

The GB News presenter posted the strange message on her Instagram story, which read: “Hello greeting from the royal families. I am so sorry for the intrusion into your privacy, I must say you have a beautiful profile picture.

“Well I am Prince Hamdan the Crown Prince of Dubai. I know you must be surprised, this is just my private account I don’t often come online here to communicate.

Michelle Dewberry responded to an unusual message request she received from a man claiming to be a prince
Michelle Dewberry responded to an unusual message request she received from a man claiming to be a prince

“I only have one official page here on Twitter which is Handan bin Mohammed it was handled by my personal assistant, do you mind if we know more about each other.”

Despite having 20,800 followers, and likely receiving a number of messages per day, the spam message caught the TV star’s attention.

Michelle shared it on her story and said: “I’m on a train, and a bit bored. Do people really fall for this stuff.”

She responded to the man sarcastically and said: “Oh wow! An actual Prince. I am so excited. And sure, what do you want to know?

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“I’ll start by telling you my shoe size is UK 3 and that I don’t like spicy food. I also don’t have a pet and my favourite colour is pink.

“My favourite teacher at school was Mr Joyce, well actually, I liked him until he gave me a detention one day for talking in class.

“Also, when it comes to the weather, I like the rain. Oh and cheese, I like cheese. Anything else you’d like to know?”

No further update had been shared by Michelle to if the man had responded to her sarcastic response.

Michelle Dewberry can be seen on GB News with prime time show Dewbs & Co from 6pm.

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