Gogglebox stars in disbelief as Alice Beer demonstrates flask – and reveals odd tea habit

Gogglebox stars and viewers were united in disbelief as This Morning’s Alice Beer demonstrated how to use a flask – and revealed an unusual tea habit.

Friday’s episode on Channel 4 saw the families watching a clip from the ITV morning show featuring ideas on how to stay warm this winter.

Among the more high-tech offerings were a boot and glove drier for £62.49, before Alice produced a flask, saying she loved it “more than life itself”.

Marcus in London said: “Oh Alice that’s been out for years, everyone’s got one in their house.”

Alice told Holly and Phillip you can “sip from it”, enthusing that it keeps “tea or any hot drink warm” and “absolutely fantastic”.

She added that a flask “keeps everything warm”, telling the presenters: “I make my tea in this before I go to bed, put it by my bed, in the morning I wake up, I’ve got hot tea.”

In Salford Alison, watching with husband George and daughter Helena, said: “No you don’t Alice”, while Pete and sister Sophie in Blackpool exchanged a look of surprise.

Gogglebox newcomer Annie in South London said: “I wouldn’t want a flask of tea when I get out of bed in the morning, I’d like a nice hot fresh cup of tea.”

“That’s it, you get me to make it don’t you?” husband Ronnie responded.

Viewers on Twitter were also in stitches.

Mr Ranty said: “A flask! Well I never, what a genius invention.”

Dave SW said: “I am here for the posh lady explaining how a flask works”.

And randomscouser85 said: “Alice beer treating the flask as a new idea is brilliant What a woman.”

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