Best cure for hangover is a roast dinner carvery says nutritionist

This December will be a month of celebrations like no other according to new research by Farmhouse Inns, with 44% of Brits saying they’ll go out more in December than at any other time of year.

When celebrating over the festive season, 43% of party goers say they’re likely to overindulge in December. As such, it’s essential they know the best food to help bounce back from a session of celebration.

After a night out, it takes 5.7 hours to recover on average, with a fifth of Brits (20%) staying in their PJs all morning when feeling delicate or tired. We also like being alone after an abundance of socialising but hate the thought of cooking for ourselves, with less than 2 in 10 (19%) saying they’d prepare food themselves when suffering from the after-effects of some full-on festivities, and a further 41% saying they prefer to be alone following a night out.

When it comes to recovery food, Brits believe traditional takeaway food is the best option when feeling flat after a festive night out, with 28% of respondents saying Pizza is their number one choice, with carveries taking second place.

However, according to nutritional expert Suzie Sawyer, a carvery is far superior in helping you recover the day after that big night out.

According to nutritional expert, Suzie Sawyer: “The main after-effects of a night out are primarily caused by dips in blood sugar, dehydration and digestive disturbances. Whilst the brain naturally looks for ‘reward’ foods, grabbing sugar, fat and calorie-laden foods is certainly not the answer.

“A high protein, carvery takeaway is a much better option than pizza, which is generally high in salt, fat and spicy meats, the combination of which are going to further antagonise an unhappy tummy. Cheese is also highly acidic, which is certainly not going to help either.

“A carvery is loaded with blood sugar balancing protein in the meat, with fibre from the vegetables, both essential for calming dizziness, brain fog, low mood and anxiety. Plus, those veggies provide vitamin C which helps the body recover from the effect of toxins, as it speeds up liver metabolism.

When celebrating over the festive season, 43% of party goers say they’re likely to overindulge in December
When celebrating over the festive season, 43% of party goers say they’re likely to overindulge in December

“Root veggies including potatoes, carrots and parsnips, are in season now for a reason; they’re packed with antioxidants, helping to reduce the internal inflammation that’s making those post-partying symptoms so much worse.”

Luckily, Farmhouse Inns’ classic carveries are available in takeaway form, so if you are feeling the effects of the Christmas party at work the morning after, or you’ve partied like it’s 2019 with your friends, you don’t have to go through the stress of making a roast yourself. The takeaway carveries are available at all 70 Farmhouse Inns across the UK.

Interestingly, across the UK, there’s a clear divide in partying habits, with people in Wales taking the longest on average to recover following festive celebrations (7.4 hours), followed closely by revellers in the North West (7.2 hours), both well above the national average of 5.7 hours.

On the other hand, those in the South West and the East Midlands are statistically the fastest to recover from a night of celebrating, both taking just 4.4 hours to recover.

Emma Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at Farmhouse Inns said: “A carvery is one of the most comforting meals around, and according to top nutritional experts they’re also perfect for helping you recover from night of festive fun. We are the best in carvery all year round not just for Christmas and our Farmhouse to your house takeaway offer is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a fantastic carvery or cake but doesn’t fancy getting dressed up for an afternoon at the pub.”

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